Sauna Intro (Types, Heating and Country)

There are a number of different types of sauna according to brand, according to style and also according to the heating style. You can find pages on this site covering the different sauna brands including:

Some sauna lovers are very specific about which brands they use and they are often equally as specific when it comes to the style of heating used. In traditional Finnish saunas for Time in the saunaexample, wooden logs are often used and this gives off a completely different aroma and feeling than an electric sauna.

Learn about Sauna Etiquette if you are a beginner.

In addition to brands, heaters and heating, there are a number of accessories for saunas which are very useful. Products on the market vary greatly although some of the more popular include items such as buckets and ladles, thermometers, lighting, towels, stones and essences.

What makes Sauna even more interesting if the way in which it is different in different countries around the world. In Russia for example, you have the Russian Banya, in Mexico Temazcal, in Japan Onsen and South Korea mogyoktang and jjimjilbang.

If you want even more sauna information then you can learn about home versions, size considerations and also about our suggested top 100 saunas in the world. You can also send us your opinions and suggestions to add to the Top 100.