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What Size should an Indoor or Outdoor Home Sauna be?

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Choosing the size of your sauna

When choosing the size of your home sauna, the size will be dictated largely by if you are looking for a 2,3, 4 or more person sauna. Generally, a lot of sauna manufacturers recommend about two feet of bench space for each person. In
terms of actual location, a sauna for the home can be positioned just about anywhere in your house.

It can for example be in a spare room, a cupboard, a bathroom, the basement, or even outside if you wish. If you have a spare cupboard which is unused, this can even be enough space for a 2 person sauna.
Thin carefully how many people your home sauna should be for. If you want sauna sauna evenings with friends, you might want a 6-person sauna. You might realistically only have space for a 2 or 4 person sauna.

Worth noting is that:

  • Saunas do not require any plumbing connections.
  • Saunas do require a dedicated electrical circuit (to operate the heater). Some smaller heaters will operate on 120 volts, but most are wired for 240. Switch or timer controls regulate the heat output to pre-set levels.

Home Sauna Packages (and size)

It can be much easier when building or installing a sauna at home, to use a pre-made , free-standing, self-contained
sauna.: These saunas are often called ‘Modular Sauna Packages’ or ‘Sauna Kits’. With these kind of saunas, you only really need to analyse the size of the sauna you need. Once you know the size of the room/area you have available, buying one of these pre-made units which comes framed, insulated and pre-wired, you can easily install the sauna in a few hours. You do not have to be very highly skilled to set up one of these saunas.

The package can be assembled and the sizes can range from roughly 4′ x 5′ to 12′ x 12′. Because this type of sauna can be assembled as a free-standing room, it can be placed sauna, you can place it pretty much anywhere and take it apart quickly if you move house.

Relaxing in a sauna

The modular kit is shipped with the wall and ceiling sections completely pre-assembled. Interior and exterior wood paneling is in place, and the sections are fully insulated and even partially pre-wired. All you have to do is bolt the sections together, assemble the interior benches, mount the heater and lights, and connect the pre-installed conduit to an electrical connection.

Why are so many sauna kits listed in increments of feet. What if my sauna room size is slightly different?

Feet are the not commonly listed measurement, but companies selling sauna kits/pre-made saunas may offer slightly different measurements.

– Worth considering is that sauna users often enjoy laying down in the sauna, thus you may want to try and ensure that the sauna wall is at least 6ft by 5ft in size. The 6ft length will allow most propel to have space to lie down and the 5ft width should allow space for an upper and lower bench.

– For the ceiling height, a 6.5 to 7 feet in height can be good because heat rises and this height will give room for the warmer air in the sauna to rise enough but not too much.