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Guide to Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a holistic energy-based health system, developed by Randolph Stone in the 1940s. It is comprehensive in its treatment of the human condition, bridging the spectrum of the physical, mental and emotional, and believes in the body’s self-recuperative qualities.

Polarity Therapy believes that energy fields and currents exist everywhere in nature and pain and disease are caused in a healthy person when energy is unbalanced, blocked or fixed due to stress or other factors. The polarity model claims to find these blockages and help the energy flow in normal patterns. The proponents of this system use touch (massage, acupuncture), yogic exercises, a nutritional diet and the mental-emotional process to get the desired results.

Polarity Therapy has influences of Chinese traditional medicine (yin and yang), naturopathy, osteopathy and chiropracitic, as well as the Indian Ayurvedic system. As per Ayurvedic principles the energy of the human body is cantered in five organs (brain, cardiopulmonary region, diaphragm and small and large intestine) and different energy forms control each region. But it is the “prana” force in the brain that ultimately controls the combined forces, which needs to be nurtured.

Stone’s initial theory has had many offshoots and there are many different schools and treatments recommended. Polarity Therapy is still unsupported by evidence but is reported to be an effective treatment for stress that is an amalgamation of the Western and Eastern techniques of healing.

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Healing with Life Energy by Sigel and Young is one of the best books on this subject:


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