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Sauna is a strong part of German culture and most cities and towns across Germany, have an excellent choice of saunas and spa facilities. German saunas are normally strictly no clothing, mixed and specific rules should be followed. The facilities in Germany tend to be well organised and clean and tend to include facilities such as a relaxation area, various saunas, a dip pool and refreshments area.

The town of Baden Baden is one of the most famous locations in Germany, with the town a centre for spa, sauna and wellness tourists. The town is also set in a stunning location, close to the Black Forest. Cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Frankfurt in fact have far too many good saunas to mention them all. Below a few of our favourites:

Blub Thermen (Berlin)

(64 Buschkrugallee)
This is an excellent venue with facilities that are impressive. This thermen (sauna) located at 64 Buschkrugallee 12359, is open from 10am each morning through to late in the evening. Blub has has a number of saunas and steam rooms. This is a popular venue with locals and visitors to Berlin and a very good sauna for your first experience.

Kaminsauna sauna (Berlin)

(Hubnerstraße 4)
Kamin sauna is not quite in the same class as Blub but it is a pleasant sauna with friendly staff and offers a nice atmosphere and affordable prices. More of a locals sauna in terms of its use, as opposed to Blub (which attracts more visitors to the city).

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