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Chocolate Massage – The Benefits and Experience

Woman enjoying a chocolate massage in NYC.

Chocolate Massage is one form of massage you simply have to try one time. Many people have experienced Thai Massage, Swedish Massage or perhaps even Indian Head Massage but not many people we talk to seem to have tried chocolate massage. Whether or not there are actual medical benefits of any kind or not to to this form of wellness therapy, the fact is that this type of massage can be a huge amount of fun and something that you will almost want to do time and time again once you have tried it once.

Some facts follow below about chocolate massage.

  1. Many research articles state that the cocoa element of the chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants and this is the element which helps the skin against aging and which offers the real benefits.
  2. Chocolate also contains caffeine and scientific studies suggest that this can help you blood circulation, including through massage.
  3. There are actually special oils you can buy for chocolate massage. There is a special oil for example which consists of a dark chocolate aroma.
  4. One of the joys of getting a massage and having chocolate rubbed into your skin is that the aroma of the cocoa in the chocolate makes the whole experience more sensual, because the aromas associated with cocoa have been shown in studies to act as a stimulant and in effect it relaxes most people. Many couples in fact choose to use chocolate as an erotic form of massage.
  5. There are different types of this type of massage and these can include: chocolate body wraps, body scrubs and hot stone massage.

Chocolate Body Wraps

There are some nutritional ingredients in chocolate and a body wrap helps to stimulate the skin and muscles. In case you are new to body wraps, this involves smothering your whole body in a layer of chocolate and then wrapping you in  specially designed warm sheets. This is a very popular treatment and can be done with chocolate or other ingredients such as eucalyptus or eucalyptus. A warm blanket is then normally wrapped around you and you stay like this for 30 minutes or so. There are claims by some spas and by some in the media that body wraps can help you to lose a few pounds in weight. Whether or not this actually true I cannot say. What I can say though is that a body wrap using chocolate is a whole load of fun and very relaxing indeed and that is good enough for me!

Chocolate Body Scrubs

This also involves the chocolate oils being massaged your skin and involves exfoliated and there is no wrap involved.

Chocolate Massage Products

You do not have to spend a lot of money to do any spa style chocolate treatments because you can if you choose, do many of these treatments at home yourself. Some tools and items you might find useful are below:

A general choc massage package with the basics so you can easily get started:  

Chocolate Orange massage oil – My favourite!!!

Making your Own Chocolate

If you are going for the home massage option such as to explore the idea of an erotic chocolate massage with your partner, then making chocolate can be a useful skill. So below are some tips on how to make chocolate.

  1. You will need raw cocoa beans, a hammer, an oven, sugar and some molds.
  2. The first thing to do would be to roast the cocoa beans. The best way to go about doing this would be to start of with roasting them at high temperatures and eventually decreasing the temperature and Learning how to make chocolate stopping when you notice the beans starting to crack. This process usually takes about 30 minutes and you can start of at a temperature of 325 – 400 degrees Fahrenheit (163 degrees – 200 degrees Celsius).
  3. After you’re done with the roasting you’ll need to crack and break the beans up. Spread them on a cloth surface and cover them with another cloth while using a hammer to lightly crack the beans.
  4. This process should be relatively easy as the shells become pretty loose after roasting so be careful not to get them too small though because they might just start to melt. If you have a mortar and pestle, put the crushed beans in there to complete the last bits of mashing it up.
  5. To keep it as simple as possible, the next step involves liquefying the nibs. Usually this can be done by heating the dish up in a pan of water followed by more grinding but if you like a simpler step I’d recommend a Juicer, but it has to be a solid juicer. Feed the crushed bits into the juicer slowly and you’d see a mixture of liquid and husks come out so you probably have to repeat the step with this mixture again till you get the husks out fully. You should have a smooth liquid by the end of this stage.
  6. The final step would be to add sugar to your liquid chocolate mixture. The amount of sugar you wish to add really depends on you and how sweet you want your chocolate mixture to be. After you’re satisfied with the taste of the chocolate, pour it into molds while it’s still hot and be careful not to spill. After that’s done, either refrigerate or freeze your chocolate, or if you don’t mind the wait, let it harden at room temperature. Once it has hardened, remove it from the molds and enjoy your very own chocolate. Now you are your own chocolate maker and supplier!


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