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The Chocolate Massage Experience

Chocolate massageBeing a regular visitor to the gym when I am not busy with my full time job, I am regularly make use of the health club where I partake in massages of varying nature. Sometimes I enjoy a soothing massage after a long week at work, whereas sometimes I opt for a sports massage if I have been working particularly hard in the gym or on the rugby field. Recently, however I decided to research some other forms of massage in order to broaden my experience. I decided to try an upper body and facial chocolate massage.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a chocolate massage is the smell. The massage essentially begins as the aroma of chocolate fills the room and immediately fills one with a sense of happiness and lifts any stress and anger out of your mind. As I lay face down on the bench the masseuse began rubbing the chocolate oil into my back. Instantly I could feel the extra thickness of the oil adding to the purchase that the masseuse was able to get on my muscles, which added to the friction and relaxing effect of the massage.

After I had my back massaged using chocolate I began a face treatment using a similar product. The chocolate was massaged into my skin and left for a short period of time. Once the massage was over I headed towards the shower to remove what was remaining of the chocolate product. Once all of the chocolate was removed I noticed my skin felt much smoother and had a much healthier complexion. It is definitely a treatment that I would recommend.

Most major wellness and spa center’s offer chocolate massage although not all do. Hot stone massage and chocolate massage are two of the newer forms and thus not always available in every wellness venue. Make sure to specifically if the chocolate treatments are possible before choosing a spa or wellness location. The chocolate treatments are truly memorable and I highly recommend giving it a go.


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