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Buying a Home Hot Tub or Jacuzzi

Outdoor hot tubThere has been much research in recent times into the positive benefits of hot tubs, and the endorsement by health professionals in its ability to sooth both the body and mind. The effects of the simple act of immersing the body into warm water are numerous and make it hard to believe how this simple act can make such an impact. If you need no persuading on the benefits of buying your home Jacuzzi or hot tub, there are many things to consider before buying.

One of the first things to consider is if you have the space for it and where you will put the unit. You will need a water supply to the hot tub and it will need to be on solid ground so that the weight of the jacuzzi and the water are fine. If the hot tub is indoors, then you will also need to ensure that the room is going to allow suitable ventilation.

Placement and Positioning

A good location for a hot tub or jacuzzi is on a cement slab. You can easily build the spa outside and simply build a small room or wooden frame around the spa so that it can be used year round. You might want also to consider privacy i.e. to place the unit in a position such that you are not for example, under a neighbours window. You might want to relax and chat in the hot tub and to not bother or be bothered by the neighours. You might want to also consider a location whereby creating cover in a possibility.

How big should it be?

It really all depends on your own needs. If the jacuzzi is just for you and your partner then a 2 person one could be fine. If on the other hand, you plan to have jacuzzi parties then a 6-8 person spa could be much better.

What should a jacuzzi be made from?

Wood and resin plastic can be good for the exterior of jacuzzi’s and hot tubs. If using wood, the wood should be treated to resist water and damage caused by heat: The interior of a jacuzzi is almost always plastic. If is actually possible also to buy an inflatable hot tub. This type offers the flexibility to bring the jacuzzi indoors in bad winter weather.

Looking after your hot tub or jacuzzi

Owning a jacuzzi is a bit like owning an outdoor pool. You must check the water level against bacteria regularly and you will need to treat the water to ensure against the bacteria.

Accessories worth Buying

You can buy a variety of items for your spa, jacuzzi or hot tub. Drink holders, pillows, special seat cushions, covers for the jacuzzi and infrared/laser security alarms (if you have children).

The Science of Hot Tubs

Behind these positive responses in the body to hot tubs is the science behind what happens. There is the simple response of warming the body and blood which has been shown to reduce the stress and demand on the heart when it is pumping. There is also the simple act of buoyancy which can relieve body weight by up to 20%, thus reducing the stresses placed on its internal organs. Circulation is improved due to the increase in blood volume within your chest and also an increase in the size of the heart itself. As well as circulatory and pulmonary benefits, there are also benefits to the musculoskeletal, renal and endocrine systems.

There is also the more noticeable and immediate benefits that can be seen when using hot tubs, with the soothing of aching and tired muscles. Immersion in water has long been used in this way, and the increase in temperature helps this even more. The warm water also lets of steam and vapours which, when inhaled, can help relieve congestion in the nose and on the chest. Finally the sheer relaxation of having a warm hot tub allows for a better and deeper sleep, which in itself can help improve one’s overall health and well-being.

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