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10 Best Massage Oils Worth Trying

Primrose oilThere is a number of oils you can choose from when considering massage and it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to decide which one to buy. Below we take a look at 10 massage oils you might want to consider and a brief introduction to each oil. The first 5 massage oils are listed below.
1. Jojoba Oil
comes from the Jojoba Bean this natural base oil is perfect for using in massage.
This oil also comes in other forms such as shampoo with this oil being excellent for the hair and skin. This is a very popular oil and one you can mix with some other oils.

2. Grapefruit Essential Oil – Grapefruit Essential Oil is not everyone’s first thought when the idea of massage oils come up but this is an oil which I once used, is very popular with people receiving massages. The aroma of this oil is very popular and if you mix thus oil with one of the base oils, it is perfect for massage. You can get this oil in most good herbal shops.

3. Sunflower oil – is a massage oil which also combines nicely with base oils and this oil is easy to buy in most Health shops and is quite cheap. This oil is best used mixed with a base oil and this is a very good source of Vitamin E.

4. Edible massage oils for couples – in flavours such as vanilla and chocolate). Buying a massage oil which can be
also eaten can certainly add spice to the bedroom and is a particular good massage oil for Valentine’s Day. The vanilla normally taste fine and the oils tend to be very reasonable for massage. You can normally easily buy this type of oil online including through amazon.com and co.uk

5. Coconut Butter Oil – is similar to sunflower oil is that it is a carrier oil rather than a base oil and one which is very good for body massage. This comes from the kernow of a coconut and oil has many uses including massage and sometimes also in cooking.

6. Almond Oil – is perfect for massage and it can be mixed with other oils although it is fine also to use by itself. This oil has a light yellow colour and is easy to purchase and has a pleasant, light aroma. This oil is relatively inexpensive.

7. Wheatgerm oil – is thought to be very good for the skin and it works well with many other oils. The great thing about using this oil is that it is said to good for helping to repair the skin and is known to be rich in Vitamin E. It is also rich in antioxidant and if a massage combined with an oil which will help to improve your skin that wheat germ oil is the way to go.

8. Evening Primrose is an oil especially popular with many women because evening primrose is synonymous with PMS (Pre Menstrual Tension). This oil helps one to maintain a good hormonal balance and is high in omega-6 fatty acids i.e. GLAs (Gammalinolenic acids).

9. Avocado oil is a carrier oil which is often used in massage. It is not as common as evening primrose, wheatgerm or almond oil, but is is very much worth trying. It is taken from avocado pears and as an oil for aromatherapy and massage, it has many benefits particularly as a moisturizer for dry and damaged skin. This oil is high in vitamins and is a semi-fat oil.

10. Black Currant seed oil is another of those oils which is very good for repairing and helping dry and damaged skin. Black Currant seed oil is also another high GLA (Gammalinolenic acids) oil.

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