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The Benefits of Spa Holidays

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When the pressures of daily life get too much, there is no better way to relax and unwind than with an indulgent spa break. Revitalising the mind as well as the body, spa breaks are the perfect escape from the daily grind. There`s no need to take a carbon-burning flight to exotic climes, either, with spa breaks available at any number spots across the UK.

While those taking a longer spa holiday might want to make a real break of it and head for a remote beauty spot, the ever-growing number of locations offering spa breaks means that those who are pressed for time can usually find quality spa holidays close to home. Of course, for the ultimate relaxing spa break, choosing a spa resort that is surrounded by natural beauty ensures the senses will be fully reinvigorated. Rural Ireland, Scotland, and tranquil spots like the Lake District, the Cotswolds,the Norfolk Broads and the Peak District all boast numerous spa resorts, with guests usually able to check in for anything from one day to several weeks.

Spa retreats make perfect destinations for a pampered hen weekend, and are a wonderful way to surprise a loved one. Many resorts combine spa, massage and beauty treatments with onsite sport facilities and quality restaurants, making them great destinations for couples. The unspoilt surrounds of spa resorts lend themselves well to outdoor activities such as walking, golf, horse riding and mountain biking, and many people enjoying spa holidays like to combine fresh air and exercise with indulgent treatments.

If time, work or family pressures mean that an escape to the countryside is not a viable option, spa resorts can also be found within towns and cities across the UK. Many hotels now boast spa and massage facilities, and city types can take advantage of spa breaks right on their doorstep. Of course, there are many different types of spa break available – from calorie-crunching, toxin-shedding health resorts offering low cal cuisine and gym facilities alongside health-boosting treatments, to indulgent getaways complete with gourmet meals and evening cocktails.

Whatever type of spa holiday you`re looking for, it`s important to find the right break at the right price. After all, it`s not easy to relax and unwind if you`re worrying about how you`ll pay the mammoth credit card bill that will follow your spa getaway. Increased competition and the inescapable credit crunch means that many spa resorts and retreats are now slashing their prices and offering great deals – such as two nights for the price of one – so it`s well worth spending some time searching out the best prices.

Do not sacrifice quality for the sake of price, however, ask friends for word of mouth recommendations and search online for tips and reviews about great value spa breaks in order to find the resorts and retreats that will offer the most bang for your well-earned buck. When it comes to saving money, there are several things to consider. Firstly, consider breaks that are close to home – saving on travel. Secondly, look at what`s included in the package. Some resorts offer all-inclusive breaks with meals, treatments, exercise classes and use of sports facilities paid in advance, while others charge separately for room, facilities and food. Remember, a cut-price room at a luxury hotel might seem like a real bargain, but that might not be the case if you`re paying through the nose for every treatment.

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