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Garlic and Blood Pressure

Garlic is known to be excellent for helping blood pressure and also having many other benefits. Read about Garlic and Blood Pressure.

Health Benefits of Garlic

There are many health benefits of Garlic and the great thing is that garlic can be cooked in and with so many different foods and dishes.

Garlic and Heart Disease

Read some notes about research on the benefits of garlic on heart disease.

Garlic and Cancer

For a look at research results into the effects fo garlic and cancer. Garlic and cancer.

Garlic Facts

Learn about the use of garlic in Korean food and about 'Allium sativum. Read some quick facts on Garlic.

How to cook Garlic

Ever wondered how to cook garlic? Learn from our basic tips.

Best Garlic Recipes

Soup and bread are just two of the garlic recipes you must try.