Top 50 Saunas Worldwide

Below a look at our 50 favourite saunas worldwide. If you want to tell us about you favourite you can also email us via the contact form.

1. Art Deco Sauna Amsterdam

Art Deco Sauna, Amsterdam - with its very stylish interior and small but classy sauna Amsterdam saunasfacilities is one of the best saunas in Amsterdam, Holland.

2. Liquidroon sauna and spa, Berlin, Germany

The Liquidroom is a popular sauna and spa veue in Berlins which is normally very popular and busy. Learn more about the Liquidroom sauna in Berlin.

3. Swedish Academy of Sauna

A key sauna country, the Swedish Academy of Sauna is a location with a museum and a dozen plus saunas which you can use and enjoy.

4. Therme Erding, Munich, Germany

One of Europe's largest thermal parks, Therme Erding, Munich, Germany is a must visit location if yu are interested in wellness.

5. Tampere Rauhaniemi, Finland

One of our favourite saunas in Finland is the Tampere Rauhaniemi sauna in Tampere.

6. La Ferme Thermale d'Eugénie, France

A very popular choice in France, La Ferme Thermale d'Eugénie is an excellent choice.

7. Mandarin Oriental Sauna

In the United States, the Mandarin Oriental sauna in New York is one of the best places around.

8. Mediterana, Germany

The award winning Mediterana sauna in Germany is a must visit is you are in the area.

9. Sauna Van Egmond Haarlem (near Amsterdam), Holland

There are some excellent saunas and wellness centre's in Holland and none so more than Sauna Van Egmond Haarlem for wellness, a complex with several saunas, swimming pool steam rooms and relaxation areas.